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Build unforgettable experiences with your viewers

Ticketplus streaming is a platform where live streaming of events will help you interact, understand and monetize your audience.


Connect with your audience more deeply through real-time interactive experiences


Generate profits through the experience with your brand and sponsors, we give you the tools to generate value to your audience.


We provide you with analytical tools so that you can analyze the overall context and each viewer.

World showcase

We have a page with global visibility, where you can access all Ticketplus streaming events.

Security and authentication

Anti-relay system and authentication by device Our system has a focus on security that will allow you to focus on what really matters, the experience of your audience.


We integrate with the main transmission providers in on-demand or live format.


Live chat, direct communication with the organizers and related links will add to your streaming a personalized interaction to connect with your audience.

Online sales

Ticketplus streaming is born from our expertise in selling tickets for events of all kinds, we bring the best of a high demand transaction system to the streaming format.


Create a 100% customized event to deliver the experience with your brand from the very first moment.

They use our solution


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