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Ticketplus® is a Ticketera born in 2014 with the aim of transforming the process of purchasing tickets for artistic, cultural, sporting and entertainment events in general, in a convenient, easy, fast and above all safe service.


24/7 Backoffice System

Keep online control of all aspects of your event, with our Backoffice system you can have the vision and configuration in one place.


Real-time information

Thanks to the automated reporting module, access to your event information will be at your fingertips. You will also be able to obtain the information in the PDF, XLS or HTML format of your choice.


Digital marketing

All the information for your sales analytics coupled with multichannel strategies.


Sales channels

A sales channel will allow you to deliver a 100% whitelabel experience with your brand as the protagonist, but you will also be able to boost your sales by having a presence in related broadcast channels, increasing your sales considerably.

SEO Optimization

We are highly specialized in search engine optimization, we use structured data and custom metadata creation to make your site easy to find.

Attendee loyalty

Connect with your customers in a personalized way with the loyalty tools available to you.

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Send mass communications to your database, configuring the content of the emails in a simple way and designed 100% by you.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 15.40.17

Discounts and promotions

Deliver unlimited discounts and set up personalized promotions based on your customers' behavior, connect with third parties and benefit those who are part of a loyalty club.

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User management

Create different tags according to behaviors,
manage tag types and offer benefits according to your segment.

Interactive maps

Create customized interactive maps for your events

Sale of numbered seats

Sending courtesies

Quota management and blocking

Courtesy management


Mass mailing through Excel

A large number of guests is no problem, save time by uploading many contacts through an excel file.

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Display of shipment statuses

You will be able to know when a courtesy is sent, received, opened or triggered instantly.

Ticket office sales

Make Boxoffice software available at your events whenever you want. Also manage user permissions for salespeople or cash managers.

Automated cash register closures

Real-time sales control

User permissions management

Product sales

Intuitive interface

Means of payment

We have different means of payment online and in installments or cash payment as servifácil or multicaja.